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Folio Albums – Faye & James @ Elmore Court

I’ve been using Folio Albums since 2010 because they are quite simply superb. When I started out there were two main categories of wedding albums. Glossy, highly reflective books which mirrored any lights in the room or old-fashioned mounted tomes that were reminiscent of my parents’ wedding album. The first type was a disaster, the second, though lovely, felt like they were from an entirely different era.

I still remember the first time I laid eyes on a Folio Album. I knew instantly that it was what I had been searching for. A good album should let the photographs speak and that’s exactly what Folios do. They’re beautiful things in their own right, but they don’t try to steal the show, instead they work in a similar fashion to well-chosen picture frames. Folio Albums allow photographs pride of place, supporting the images rather than overwhelming them.

Receiving a finished book from Folio Albums is one of the absolute highlights of my job. It represents the culmination of everything. From initial consultations, through venue recces, detailed planning and then, even on the most gorgeous days, the unique photographic challenges of each wedding, followed by many hours of post-production. A great wedding album bears comparison to a poem. It’s the right images in the right order. That might sound slightly cheesy, but it’s true!

My most recent sample album is this gem featuring Faye & James’ wedding at Elmore Court. Folio Albums are always adding new fabrics and customisation options and I love the choices on this one:

  • Graphite leather
  • 22-carat gold titling
  • Black endpapers
  • Art white paper

It helps that Faye & James had one of the most glorious weddings I’ve ever shot, and that they’re a seriously stunning couple, but the album elevates the memories. While I don’t force people to have an album, I highly recommend it. You can decide on an album after the wedding and there’s no time-pressure, you can order immediately or 2 years later if you prefer, it’s entirely up to you. Here are a few images of my most recent sample to illustrate why I love Folio Albums so much:Folio Wedding AlbumGraphite CoverPainswick WeddingWedding Album DetailVicky Rowe wedding dress hanging on wardrobe at Elmore CourtFolio album wedding dress detailElmore Court frontage in Folio AlbumFaye makes her way down the aisle at Elmore CourtFirst kissFaye & James black and whiteFolio Album on the dressing tableFolio Album edge detailThe Gillyflower at Elmore CourtBridesmaids hug - Folio AlbumWedding speechesFirst dance full page spreadCross seam printing detailDancefloor kiss detailProfile view of the wedding albumFolio Albums corner detailingFolio Album front cover - 22 Carat Gold titling

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    • Thanks David. I completely agree, a good album really is hard to beat. We have some albums of our own, personal ones, and they don’t get viewed every day, but when we do spend some time with them, the memories come flooding back and the quality is instantly apparent.

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