Iscoyd Park Wedding – Sophie & Findlay

Sophie & Fin’s Iscoyd Park wedding took place on a mild, sunny day in late February. Iscoyd Park is absolutely beautiful and, rather interestingly, lies fractionally inside the Welsh border. By fractionally, I really mean it; a couple of hundred metres max. Indeed the address lists Shropshire but, from what I can ascertain, Shropshire ends where Wales begins. Still, the registrar, a proud and ebullient Welsh lady, was insistent that we were marginally inside her native land and my cartographic investigations tends to support her view! Right, that’s the bell. Geography lesson over.

Sophie and Fin’s day was absolutely marvellous. As you will soon see, they both looked utterly immense, Sophie all ravishing, elegant beauty in a truly stunning Enzoani dress and Fin rocking the black-tie look with suitable wedding day aplomb; I imagine Eon Productions will be calling just as soon as Daniel Craig hangs up the Walther PPK. I love weddings that take place in settings that simultaneously feel suitably grand, but also familiar and not overly removed from everyday life. This wedding was certainly one of those. Sophie got ready in the Bridal Suite of the main house, while Fin and his groomsmen suited up in the adjacent Laundry Cottage. The ceremony took place in the Garden Room, a really charming setting with high ceilings and fantastic light. Sophie’s Dad is an absolutely lovely chap, warm and sincere, and watching his obvious emotion as he gave his little girl away was very moving! One of my favourite images from the day is the moment Mike first saw Sophie in her wedding dress. So much pride, love and affection drawn on a single face. Humanity at its best.

For the evening Sophie changed into a second dress, a custom Nadine Merabi number; a wise move as the first dance paid homage to the Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest scene from Pulp Fiction and was appropriately lively! It was a great day and I met a great bloke too. James, Sophie & Fin’s MC is one of the most genuine and interesting people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at a wedding. Quality chap! Anyway, enough chatter from me, time for some photographs. As ever, here are a selection of my favourites.

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