Stack of Oak USB Presentation Boxes

USB Presentation Box – Beautiful in Oak or Walnut

A few years back I moved from DVD’s to USB Memory sticks for image delivery. This was a massive improvement for many reasons, but the options out there for presentation were sorely lacking. In my view that’s still the case. I decided that if there wasn’t something good on the market, I’d have to get things figured out myself. In 2013 I commissioned a carpenter to build me some of my own boxes, to a much higher specification than was otherwise available. They were expensive, but frankly they were far more suitable than the flimsy lightweight boxes that were otherwise available. I wanted something that felt substantial and conveyed a sense of quality and the USB Presentation Box we designed were light years ahead of the competition. Wedding photographs are probably the most important images most people will ever invest in and it seems to me that the storage method should reflect that importance. After a prototype phase, which was in itself a vast leap forward, we refined the design before arriving at the finished article. I am one for obsessive detail and I suspected that despite the love and attention most people wouldn’t pay too much attention to the boxes. The reaction to the resulting USB Presentation Box was beyond my wildest dreams. I lost count of the number of people who raved about it. Clearly my clients were of the same mindset, precious pictures deserve proper storage!

Sadly, the chap who made my first set of boxes decided to move on from his business and therefore, for a period towards the tail end of last year, I was left without a supply of the beloved USB Presentation Boxes. I retained a single box as part momento, part example. Now, thanks to the kind recommendation from my former client Matt, whose wedding I shot last year at Chawton House Library, I’ve found a new woodworking maestro who has been able to assist me in producing a new and improved version of the box. Think of it as the USB Presentation Box 2.0! These new designs improve on the old one significantly with a much more seamless lid and extra rounded edges that feel even better in the hand. The craftsmanship that goes into these things is evident immediately.

As standard, the USB Presentation Box is made from oak, but Matt, who had to fend without a box for a few months (sorry Matt!) opted for walnut. I’ve included an image at the end of this post that shows off Matt’s stunning custom design.

Oak USB Presentation Box - Progression
Exterior: From Left to Right – Prototype Box, Version 1.0, Version 2.0
Oak USB Presentation Box - Overhead view
Interior: From Left to Right – Prototype, Version 1.0, Version 2.0
Oak USB Presentation Box Detail
Detail view
Excellent building blocks!


Matt’s Custom Walnut USB Presentation Box


Interior of Walnut USB Box


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